About Us

Age Requirements
Children must be age three years old by September 30th to be admitted to the three-year-old class and should be potty trained. Children must be four years old by the same date to be eligible for the four-year-old class.



  • Both the 3 and 4 year old classes meet mid-September thru May
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  •  9:00 AM to 11:30 AM


A balanced program of art, music, language arts, coordination skills and free play. Opportunities for creative expression teach sociability and responsibility through experiences such as field trips, puppets, easel painting, blocks, music, outdoor play, play dough, stories, role-playing and puzzles.



  • To develop a good self-image and encourage the joy of learning in each child.
  • To provide opportunities for social development and adjustment to a classroom environment.
  • To promote good health and safety habits.
  • To develop gross and fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination through play and physical activity.
  • To encourage self-expression in language, art, and play in creative atmosphere.
  • To develop age-appropriate communication and listening skills.
  • To lay a foundation for future educational experiences.


The light and spacious classrooms are on the main floor of the building, within easy access of the parking lot. A well maintained playground with a sandbox, climbing equipment and a large grass covered play area are used during good weather. During inclement weather, play takes place in Fellowship Hall where the children ride tricycles and scooters or play group games. All doors to the church are locked for security during school hours.

Age Three Class
Age Four Class – Lisa Shenck (School Director) and Andrea Montgomery